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Michael Walker and how we got started

The Rabon Creek Bluegrass band was formed out of a long learning process that the founder of the band, Michael Walker, has trekked. After having to travel for work, Michael was looking for a way to relax and spend time with his two-year-old daughter. While spending almost a month in Springfield, Missouri for work, Michael walked into a music store and sat down and held almost every guitar in the store. It was obvious that the Lord had a mission in mind for Michael. After returning home, Michael finally got a guitar and started learning at home. One day while visiting a local music store, Michael was invited to join one of the local acoustic jams. Although Michael had never sang in front of others before, all of the encouragement of the other folks at these local open jams, Michael found himself playing guitar and singing lead in several small groups. After roaming from group to group for a couple of years, Michael decided to put a band together to sing in churches and special events. With the blessing of the Lord coming down like rain, Michael decided to shift the direction of his music to glorify his Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. Out of that, came the Rabon Creek Bluegrass Band.

The Walker Family

Out of love and dedication for their father, the Walker kids, Andrew, Jonathan and Julia have worked hard to be involved to help Daddy in any way.

Julia picked up the fiddle at the age of 6 and started playing and singing. She has progressed as a great musician and now will pick up any harmony or lead part of the vocals. At age 11 now, she has picked up the banjo and is taking a leading role in the band now by picking new music.

After Jonathan watched his big sister having so much fun performing with daddy, he decided to get in on the act. He started following in the same footsteps of his sister and has added his powerful singing voice to the mix. Now with both Jonathan and Julia filling in the three-part harmony parts, this has added a new dynamic to the sound of the band. Jonathan plays the mandolin and fills in on the fiddle every opportunity he gets.

Andrew seems to be the comedian of the band. He started out just telling a few jokes but now he plays fiddle and sings with is big brother and sister.

Heather Walker

To keep everything in order, Mom picked up the upright bass and filled a huge gap in the band. Heather, aka Mom, has brought the band to a new level with her almost instant ability to play the bass. She is the one behind making sure that everyone is dressed and on time. We are so blessed to have her help with the band as well as all the other unseen things she does.

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